CODE:FREE Magazine

ISSUE 4 is out now!! The magazine has an own website now:



Try out the online flash version on !

>>>> ISSUE 3 <<<<

What is CODE:FREE ?

It should be a different pdf magazine / art book for the open source scene. It contains only pictures made with free (not freeware!) software like Xara, Glips, Krita, K-3D, 3D Canvas, Gogh or other . The most of it are made in Inkscape, Gimp or Blender. The magazine itself are made with Scribus.

Was ist CODE:FREE ?

Es soll ein etwas anderes pdf-Magazine / Artbook für die Open Source Szene sein. Es enthält ausschließlich Bilder die mit freier Software wie Xara, Glips, Krita, K-3D, 3D Canvas, Gogh oder andere erstellt oder bearbeitet wurden. Die meisten davon sind mit Inkscape, Gimp und Blender erstellt worden. Das Magazin selbst wird mit Scribus hergestellt.

Want help? Join the Google-group to talk about the mag.

>>>> ISSUE 2 <<<<

The mag / artbook for Inkscape, Gimp, Blender and other free stuff.

>>>> ISSUE 1 <<<<

Thank you for downloading and thanks to all artist !

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This Mag is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

You can share, copy, distribute and transmit the magazine.

If you want to use some pictures, please ask the artists (links last site).

I`m not the owner of these artworks. Thank you for your understanding.

Download the artworks from site 30 / 31 / 32 here (Issue 1):

Online articles about CODE:FREE:

  1. Woosey says:

    Will ‘CODE:FREE’ contain tutorials?

  2. chrisdesign says:

    Hi Woosey.
    No, the mag should be only for the artworks. But it`s an idea to make some Tutorials available as PDF files.

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  4. ryanlerch says:

    awesome idea, great work chris!
    you should put links to the FOSS software that is used in the credits too :P

  5. [...] – an Art Magazine for FOSS artists chrisdesign has lauched a new PDF magazine entitled ‘Code:Free’ and it is loaded to the brim with awesome examples of artwork created using Free Software. As can [...]

  6. quaid says:

    I don’t see any license (or copyright) information. Is CODE:FREE licensed under a free content license, such as the CC BY SA?

  7. Nicu says:

    Some of the images are really stunning… (and this comes from someone who use Inkscape and GIMP on a daily basis).

    Is correct my expectation for a magazine titled CODE:FREE to be free itself? (like CC-BY-SA or something similar)

  8. chrisdesign says:

    Thank you for your comments ! :-) This is something that I had forgotten, sorry.

  9. niyam says:

    wow! a very good compilation of art, design, and graphics from the free world. much needed. well done.



  10. kawazu says:

    Great idea, really enjoyed it… being a Gimp addict myself, maybe I’ll consider making up something worth contributing as well, one day… Only annoying thing so far is the based download, but I guess, for the first time, this is just okay. ;)

    (Reposted comment as the first one “just” disappeared and I don’t know whether they’re moderated or just stopped by my security setup…)

  11. unq says:

    Thank you, great work!

  12. John Doe says:

    Is it only me who can not view all the artwork or are there really empty pages?? (tried the PDF and the online version… pages 2,5,10,14,16,21,25,29 are empty (showing the artist name and CodeFree logo) :o(

  13. chrisdesign says:

    Hi, do you use an actual pdf-viwer / browser? This is an 1.4 compatible pdf Version.

  14. John Doe says:

    think so ;) Firefox should be up to date enough and PDF viewer – right now Adobe reader 6.0 (@work on a win98 box…) will check again at home with my Linux box. :)

  15. mete says:

    great idea I cant wait for the next issue. I’m just a beginner with the GIMP and Inkscape(my favorite)

    its great to see what others do.

  16. CG Icon says:

    Great Idea

    I have a forming open source community,, wanted to let you know I have your site on my links page… just a FYI

    My CG Space

  17. Durand says:

    @John Doe: I think they’re meant to be pages to credit the author, ie, the artwork after those pages were by that artist. Nice magazine and really nice artwork!

  18. [...] Un nouveau magazine vient de sortir dans le but de montrer ce qu’il est possible de réaliser avec des logiciels libres comme Gimp et Inkscape. Le premier numéro est sorti. Le pdf est téléchargeable à cette adresse : le blog de chrisdesign. [...]

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  21. martin says:

    hi, nice blog. Can you tell me the name of the theme? I like it.

  22. joseph says:

    Chris.que buenos trabajos realmente eres un gran profesional,me da gusto haber conocido tu blog y
    No sabia que Inkscape era un programa fenomenal
    recomendare a muchos de mis amigos que ya es hora
    que miren mas alla y conzcan buenos programas de
    codigo gusta todos tus trabajos.
    un abrazo.

  23. [...] descobri uma bela surpresa, fui publicada no planet do Inkscape, chama-se CODE:FREE é uma art magazine em pdf, ou seja, uma revista com vários desenhos ( obras de arte ) criados por [...]

  24. Mac79PR says:

    Wow, what an amazing art book! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for issue #3! On top its says that the “” site is down, I decided to check it out anyways and took me to a japanese site, LOL. I hope you can get this solved.

  25. JanKardel says:

    >CODE:FREE number 3 coming out in this week!

    The wait is at an END!:-)

  26. JanKardel says:


    Very nice pictures!
    The wait was worth it.


  27. [...] CODE:FREE Magazine – a different pdf magazine / art book for the open source scene. It contains only pictures made with free (not freeware!) software like Xara, Glips, Krita, K-3D, 3D Canvas, Gogh or other . The most of it are made in Inkscape, Gimp or Blender. The magazine itself are made with Scribus. [...]

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  29. [...] recently came across Code:Free, a webzine (made with Scribus) which showcases some great examples of art created with free [...]

  30. [...] Code:free es una revista que recopila arte creado con herramientas para diseño grafico con licencias FLOSS, al momento existen 3 ediciones en formato pdf las cuales son de libre descarga. [...]

  31. [...] Saiu finalmente o segundo número da magazine de arte CODE:FREE. [...]

  32. function says:

    Thank you for this share. In the future, I hope that you will share the good information again.
    I helpful to my work. Thank you again.

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  38. says:

    I have been painting with GIMP for a little while. It is cool to see what other artists are making with these free programs. Nice idea with the magazine =)

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  40. wow, thanks for your info
    can i post in my blog too ?

  41. Unos trabajos realmente formidables. Gracias por compartilos

  42. I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very helpful extremely helpful

  43. irowebot says:

    Love the magazine, seriously awesome stuff! Pleaze keep em ‘coming! :)

  44. Anonymous says:

    Более хорошей новости я не видел. Спасибо

  45. Debi says:

    Love your mag. Love Scribus and Gimp. Still need to learn incscape. Can not open your website. Don’t know why.

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