The Time Machine Effect

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Space: The Final Frontier…

Hi ! Today i have played with the new 0,46 pre-release. The cool new filter editor is really great ! I will show you now how i used the blur filter to create a SciFi-text. I call it the “time machine effect” !

Start to set the background color of your document to full black. Now write a text with an SciFi Font. I use this free font:


Then double the text and give the second only a green outline. Stretch your text a little bit and set the simple blur filter to 2,0.


Double the first Text, stretch it also a bit, set the z-order to bottom zorder.jpg and open the filter editor. (Sorry, the menu is German but i hope you understand)
Mark the text and add Gaussian blur like this :


Your text should look like this:


Now arrange the three parts on you document by your hand and you have the



Have fun !

More ideas ? Criticism ? Bad English ? Let me know:

chrisdesign (@) gmx (.) net


This work is under Creative Commons-Licence .

Creative Commons License

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