Month: August 2008

Cool RSS Feed icons

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Wohwow…check out my experiments with Blender using textures. It`s wild !

Download the set (PNG) here

CODE:FREE Issue 2 out now !

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Ok here is CODE:FREE 2. Thanks to the Artist and to Elisa for her help.

Download at the Issues-Page. Two Mirrors and a Online-Version at

Have fun!

Smudge Painting

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Today, i tried to create an hand drawing picture (smudge painting) from a Photo.

So, use Gimp (what else?) for editing this nice girl:



Version2 with an grayscale Layer and a little bit sharpness.

It looks so real like handmade. I love this effect! 🙂

What do you think?

Here`s a short video how i did this: