Back !!!

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Ok my friends ! I am back and i have some news for you.

First, i have some helpers for the CODE:FREE Website. I want to use the WordPress-techniqe as CMS system now. So if you want to collaborate and support the FLOSS Art Project, you can be author or editor of the code:free blog.

Well many people want to know when the next issue will be published. Mhhh…I have a little Problem. The last site from this mag contains the names and the Links to all artist. My PC had an little crash and i lost some e-Mail addresses and full Names.

The mag itself is ready, but i will give you the possibility to contact the artists.

Following People should send me a mail again:

Carlos (?), Synfig-Artwork, Babi from Germany, Ironja/Maya, Poland, Bruno Hauzenberger and Frederic from Kanada. Please contact me ! chrisdesign (@)gmx (.) net

Sorry for this !

Second, i wrote my first Gimp Tutorial in German how to create sand-written Text. You can see it next days.

This is the new Design for the CODE:FREE Website:

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