Month: April 2009

Wilber collection

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Ok…i`m goin crazy..haha.

Just some ideas to give the Gimp mascot “Wilber” some new characters. :-))

It was created in Inkscape and you can download the collection SVG here.

If you like it and you have more ideas, please send me your files to:  chrisdesign (@) gmx (.) net.


Update today:


Gimp-Forum Wettbewerb

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Hey! Wer Gimp gerne für sein Schaffen einsetzt und sein Können mal unter Beweis stellen mag,
ist herzlich zum Wettbewerb im deutschem Gimp-Forum eingeladen. Gerne könnt Ihr mir auch Eure Ideen hier in den Komentaren Posten, ich werde diese dann für Euch dort einstellen.
Es geht darum aus einer oder mehrerer dieser Vorlagen ein nettes Bild zu kreieren, eine Fotomontage eben.
(Wer sich fragt was die Mikrokopaufnahme darstellt: es ist ein Sonnenblumenblatt. Cool oder ?)

old_cars_2036_11 cemetery_of_timeef_1002 arjuna_statue stelzen sunflower_leaf_1_002

I started a little contest in the german Gimp-Forum. The users should edit one or more from these five free photos to an other nice picture.

If you interested in it, you could post your idea as comment here too. I will show it then in the forum. 😉

(Last photo is taken from a leaf of a a sunflower..if someone want to know what it is…)

Last surviver of the ink battle !

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Just playing with Inkscape and Gimp. Feel free to use it as private Wallpaper.


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Old / new / old >Gimp!

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I will show you my next Gimp work.

I was surfing around this cool Flickr archive: and want to change a new photo to vintage and coloring an old b/w picture to a new look.
Here the first, a photo taken by myself on my short trip to London last weekend (man, cool city. I love it!):


And now Gimpified vintage look:


Ok, that was new to old. Now here comes old to new by coloring an b/w photo from Flickr -the commons.



and here the colored version with the Gimp:


this is the color-layer:


Ok, thats it so far…hope you like it. 🙂