Month: May 2009

From Cheese Puffs to Elvis

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Today i start a new categorie: Videos !
There are so many creative people in the world and i will show some interesing of it here.
I have no focus of any special Software but more cool techniques and inspiration.
Ok, the first one of this series is a really crasy guy who create an Elvis-picture using cheese-puffs !
This is awesome stuff !

Do not show this video little children….ok you can, but not your own.
Your wife will thank you…haha

Gimp? Yes we can!

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Some promotion for the Gimp.

Use it for your gimp stuff, print it or what else…



Ok, here is the little howto:

First i removed the stalk of this apple.


Cut out the stalk to an own layer, use the clone tool to fill the removed parts and transform the apple with the iwarp :


The add the stalk:


Now i wanted the wilber. I load the svg Icon an modified it to an simple shape (Inkscape).

Load it now to the Gimp and add shadows and some scratches it it.


Thats it!


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The next one with typographic elements. Made with Blender and Gimp.

I wanted to create a dramatic stormy scene for a DeviantArt contest.

If you like it, you can use it as private wallpaper only. Please leave a comment then. Thanks!


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Bubbles !

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Ok, someone may would like to see more Inkscape works but it is more fun for me to play with the Gimp at the time. 😉

So here is my next illustration. Text is made in Blender, the fish from OCAL…(very cool made!)

and the bubbles are created by using the sparcle brush and playing with curves.