Month: September 2009

Screencast with key status tool

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In the next days i will start produce screencasts only on a xubuntu-pc .
Well someone now Heathenx Screencasters. I like it very much. He use the tool key status monitor.
This is a very useful tool to show watchers what you doing with your mouse and which keys/shortcuts you use.

A new Version is on Google.code:


But don`t like the mouse buttons, so i create a new custom set using Inkscape. It is now more like an real and modern hardware i think. If you want to use this graphics, please fell free to download it directly here an put it into the png-folder:



This is a screenshot with custom buttons on my machine (yes, i like this darklooks theme 🙂 ):


The only problem is the german keyboard layout. Tobias Jakobs (from the and i try to solve this but with some changes in the key-status file, but we cant get a good solution cause we are not programmers.

He added commandline option for delays.

My silly solution is, to rename some keys or save other png-graphics into the folder but it don`t work fully.


And we have the letters: Ö / Ü / Ä (the png`s are ready for it now)

This software is written in Phyton.

If someone (programmer) can help us, please contact me ! Thanks.

chrisdesign (@) gmx (dot) net

Fun with Alchemy pull-shapes

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What are pull-shapes in Alchemy? Creative chaos ! 🙂

You can load some pdf-files into Alchemy an draw with them like an animated brush in GIMP.

I have made some new sets using Inkscape (green Links-> pdf files):

>>maps<<>> typo<<>> animals<<>> floral<<>> Splat<<>>bones2<<

Here are the preview images:


Save it on you Computer. This sets are absolute free for use!!!

Build some shapes in Inkscape and save your document as pdf file. Create a new folder into the Alchemy-shapes folder and insert your new pdf-file into it.

Then start Alchemy and select the pull shapes and your new folder…have fun!





Morbid butterfly

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This is my second work made with Alchemy + GIMP.

If you like it as wallpaper please download it from DeviantArt.

Creative Commons License.