Month: August 2010

Code:Free 4 must wait, own bookproject is comming.

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Hey there!

I know some of you still  waiting for Code:Free 4. I`m sorry, cause i started my own bookprojekt.
A German book about design with open source. But it is now in the exposé-phase. Another projekt “” needs me too.
We must move to an other server and we want to translate the site. If it`s done you can register there and upload your images with CC Licence.

So please excuse that you have to wait now.

Spacecar / Pimp my car !!

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My new work based on a contest in our “Pimp my car”

Hairs !!!!!!!

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Hello my friends!  Now the summerbreak is over and i come back with a lot of energy!
So here is my new cool Screencast about creating/drawing hair on objekts. It`s a German video, but i think you understand what i do.
Done with GIMP.


With this technique you can create any  hairy objekt:
This Typo with leopard fur.

or you create a complete hairy  car:

Is that cool? 🙂

If you like this tutorial you can send me your own creation. I will post it here then.