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Scratch-Brush Tutorial

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From Inkscape to GIMP-Brush tutorial

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I found out that Inkscape is an exelent tool to create custom GIMP-brushes. So, i wrote a very short tutorial how i made this plant-brush:


Here is the little howto:

Same way but other brush:


Ice Pop by Heathenx/Chrisdesign

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Hello !

If you want to create a little cute and sweet ice-pop like this:

Watch the new screencast episode 103 of Heathenx.

We work together again for you to teach you Inkscape. 🙂

You only just have to “watch – lern – do”

Link to the tutorial

Have fun.

Minitutorial: exporting multiple pages from Inkscape

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Hey There!

If you need more as one page in Inkscape and you don’t want to use Scribus, i found out an little workaround to create and export them. First you need this python script: http://ciantic.blogspot.com/2009/02/inkscape-slicer.html

Follow the instructions there and start Inkscape. In my example i use the DIN A2 Format. I want to export four DIN-A4 pages.
So,set your document size and create your guidelines and begin to import four svg files.
Then you have to add another layer an name it “slices” and draw rectangles (activate snapping !) over the pages. To export your pages go to Effects > Export > Slicer. Thats it !



I think it could be helpful if you want to create a comic or coloring book or an complete magazine.
Some examples about DTP things :

Howto bring Inkscape, Gimp and Blender together!

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Hey People!

Today i will show you how i created this new chrisdesign artwork:

chrisdesign2Klick image below:

English version / Deutsche Version

howto1 howtodeutsch

Creating Banners

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Hi !

Today i will show you how you can create banners in Inkscape by using the extrude effect. It is very simple !
First you need a single path with the bezièr-tool or the pen. But it is really important to reduce the knodes.
On the picture below you see why. 🙂
So, if you have your path, you have to extrude the path like this example:

pathUngroup all and move the original path away from the new objects. Union the three objects in the middle part.
Now you can fill it with color. You can can see, the objects outside are on top or behind the middle.
Change the z-order how you like it.


For a realistic look it is nice to fill it with gradients:


If you want to put text on your new banner, use the original path and the effect text to path and adjust spacing between letters by manual kerning. (Description under: Help>Tutorials>Advanced )

textAnd that`s it !

Thank you for reading and have fun with your banners !

g2772 Deutsche Version im Inkscape Forum: >>LINK<<

Creating golden frames

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Its very easy to create some gold looking frames like this. You can do it only with gradients!

Download the SVG from OCAL:

Watch the video: