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Creative cloning

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Today i played with this Tutorial :
Render Bitmap Images using Tiled SVG Clones

So my idea is how it looks if i use easy shapes for it and get interesting vector backgrounds.

Import a colorful Bitmap and create a shape (like a star for example). Unset the paint:


Then you have to create the tiled clones (you can play with the sizes and rotations too):

The final background should look like these:

Have fun !!

Deutsche √úbersetzung gibt es im Inkscapeforum. Link

Grid Experiments

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The last Days i made some experiments to cut Objects and Bitmaps with generated Grids in Inkscape.

This are the two results :

You can use this pictures by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

The way is simple but much work:

Import an Bitmap and convert it to a Pattern. Then use Effects > Render > Grid.

Now mark both (Bitmap and Grid) and cut it with Path > Division.

Now you have to arrange the squares manually with your Mouse or Tablett-Pen.

If you have an easy Objekt with just one color, then you can open the Align Dialog and try this Button:

What do you think about this kind of technique ?

Creating real FIRE !

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Its gettin hot in here…! Inkscape Version 0.46
I was searching for a way to create real fire in Inkscape. Read the rest of this entry »

The Time Machine Effect

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Space: The Final Frontier…

Hi ! Today i have played with the new 0,46 pre-release. The cool new filter editor is really great ! I will show you now how i used the blur filter to create a SciFi-text. I call it the “time machine effect” ! Read the rest of this entry »

Faking the blurfilter

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I had a little idea to fake the blurfilter in Inkscape.
Create a circle with the circle1.png ellipse-tool, (color what you like) . Now open the fill and stroke editor and click the radial fill radial.png button. Set the masteropacity to 10% . Read the rest of this entry »

Simple metal orb using Inkscape

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Hello !

Today i`ll show you how to make an simple metal orb using only gradients in Inkscape. First draw a circle circle1.png by pressing ctr and dubble it. Open the fill and stroke dialog:


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Drawing hairs

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This tutorial shows the possibility of creating complex structures such as hair with Inkscape.

Part 1: The hair pattern prepare
We open an empty standard document and draw a horizontal 700 px line with the Bezier-courve by pressing ctr.

The line must be converted now into curves .


After that add more nodes with effects>modify path>add nodes those max. Segment length on 5,0.

Now the effects>modify path>jitter nodes. It has ca. 280 nodes and looks now something like barbwire.


Next we will pushing in the “barbwire” down to 10 pixels broad. Next vertical stretch up to 150 pixels.

You can see what it should be. We call it “basicpattern”.

We add nodes again like above. The Pattern has now 2484 nodes. So to produce wavy hanks is there a possibility:
Pattern along path! We draw a light bow and easy S-curve.
Mark the basicpattern and path and do effect>generate from path>pattern along path.The settings for the Pattern:

1. Basicpattern
2. At the bow / single stretched / sample is vertical
3. At the bow / single / sample is horizontal
4. At the S-curve / single stretched / sample is vertical



It is important that you simplify after (Strg + L ) to get a CPU-friendly number of knots.

Now we should know what kind of hairstyle we want. First, we draw the black outline-shape and cut the lower bound with a basicpattern. Then we search the rigth pattern, filled it with grey and build the complete style over the shape. It is a little bit like a puzzle.
When you`re finish double the outline shape mark all objekts and do Objekt > clip > set

That`s it!


The final result:


This work is under Creative Commons-Licence .

Creative Commons License

See also other translations from other Inkscape Users (Thanx for respecting my work!):

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