Bob painting imitation

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Run, Forrest, run!

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Just a funny idea…using GIMP and the new cagetool for the legs.

Inkscape Scrapbooking

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My first try to create a scrapbooking effect with inkscape. I just use some cliparts from OCAL.

New GIMP-Splash

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…i go back to 2.6 stable.

Torn cardboard texture-set

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Scanned torn cardboard for your creativity. Download the set of 12 png`s and 1 Texture from here:
Mixed sizes 600-2000 px,  Filesize (zipped): 35MB

50th DeviantArt upload!

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You can find now the brandnew 3th GIMP texture-brush pack on !

This is my 50th brush-upload there !

Check out my 107 (!) selfmade brushes  including this 3 texturepacks with 60 texture brushes for GIMP:

THis is my gallery-folder :