Neue Facebook-Gruppe!

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Fals sich von meinen Lesern auf Facebook rumtreibt, kann gerne mal vorbeischauen.



Moving to real paintings and art

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It is a long time ago you have read here something new. So, what is doing on?

I started to create real sculptures with papercrete and real paintings with acrylic paint on canvas.

You can meet me on Facebook: or my homepage:

Like Morpheus in Matrix says: “Welcome to the real world!”


New artworks

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These are my new artworks…i have found my style. I love this grunge stuff!

977812_127450027458443_415173037_o Steampunk-girl

Free font: Orbit Racer!

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I`m happy to present you my very first font: Orbit Racer !

It is designed with Inkscape and converted with Font Forge and Font creator (i simply do not understand kerning with Font Forge).

Full Basic Latin with some extra glyphs!

Free use!  I will upload it to the openfont library soon!

orbitracer illustration

The font is available on 

On the open font library:

Download the zip-file with ttf/otf/readme/charset pdf/ illustration from Mediafire.

Zombie Typography

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Hard and bloody but with a interesting technique…



Text effect madness!

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I saw many people who remake some Photoshop text effect tutorials. But where are the GIMPers?
Since my childhood I have been interested in for text effects and typography. In the year 2005, I discovered Inkscape and GIMP.
Now I have planned a big attack on superb text effects.
First step: here is a new homepage for collecting text effects for GIMP:
There is not much now, but i will collect many more.
If you want to help me, let me know!

Second step is to create awesome tutorials. You can find it on Deviantart:
My series have 5 new text effects:






The series will be continued…